《Java剖析工具》(YourKit Java Profiler)v8.0.14win/linux/MacOSX[压缩包]

《Java剖析工具》(YourKit Java Profiler)v8.0.14win/linux/MacOSX[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Java剖析工具》(YourKit Java Profiler)v8.0.14win/linux/MacOSX[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2009年制作发行: YourKit, LLC.语言: 英文
  • 类  别  软件
  • 小  类  编程开发

  • 详细介绍简介:
    官方网站 http://www.yourkit.com/overview/index.jsp
    YourKit Java Profiler 是业界领先的Java剖析工具。CPU和内存的剖析历来是很困难的,YourKit创造出了革命性的剖析工具,应用在研发和生产阶段,为专业的Java开发者带来了无比的好处。 YourKit Java Profiler使CPU和内存相关的性能的一系列问题更加容易,它具有自动检测漏洞,分析内存状态的强有力的工具,对象浏览器,作为JUnit测试过程一部分对内存进行全面测试等功能,并可与Eclipse, JBuilder, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, 和JDeveloper IDEs进行集成.

    CPU and memory profiling has never been easier, and smarter at the same time. YourKit has developed a revolutionary approach to profiling applications at both development and production stages, bringing unparalleled benefits to professional Java developers on all platforms, including Windows, Linux, Solaris SPARC/Intel, and Mac OS X.
    The Industry Leader Among Profiling Tools
    Powerful analysis capabilities: CPU and memory hot spots with devoted views; unique snapshot comparison; memory leak detection; memory distribution reports; measuring of shallow and retained sizes of objects; reporting utility.
    On-demand profiling: With this cutting-edge feature, you can enable profiling only when you need it, with the application running at its full speed for the rest of the time. For example, you can analyze the current heap state at any moment during application runtime by capturing a memory snapshot. This feature is extremely useful for profiling huge applications - with zero overhead.
    Free embedding into production: You are eligible to distribute a profiling DLL with your real-world commercial applications free of charge. This helps you ease your product maintenance and improve your customer support.
    J2EE support: Non-intrusive profiling of high-scale production applications; easy integration with application servers; innovative automatic deobfuscator.
    Java 5/6 support: YourKit utilizes all of the advanced Java 5/6 features, including unique support for JVMTI.
    Quick and easy installation: Straight-forward installation process, with the most reasonable defaults; seamless integration with popular IDEs and application servers; minimum extra configuration.
    User-friendliness and usability: Light-weight and intuitive scenario-based user interface; keyboard support; report filtering for quick and deep analysis; profiling natively incorporated into supported IDEs to be available from the most obvious and reasonable places.
    Everything You Need to be Top Notch
    YourKit Java Profiler is the leading profiling tool in the Java market that delivers the most innovative, powerful and smart performance analysis capabilities. YourKit Java Profiler provides extreme time savings as well as solid assurance features. Most of its features are not simply unrivalled but absolutely unique.
    YourKit helps you solve performance and scalability problems at the early stages of development, thus ensuring product quality from the very beginning. The ability to profile Java applications not only during testing but even in production results in substantial increases in the final product quality and the level of customer support.
    YouKit users enjoy massive productivity gains by having all of the advanced YourKit features at hand when they are needed most and by utilizing its seamless integration with the most popular IDEs and application servers.
    Time savings
    With the unique on-demand profiling, you can run the profiled application with absolutely zero overhead, activating actual profiling only when it is needed. This functionality together with the overall speed of profiling leads to dramatic savings in the developer's time.
    Higher ROI
    Using YourKit Java Profiler ensures quality, boosts productivity and delivers tim
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1. Get keygen.jar run, you can run "java -cp /keygen.jar keygen.gui.Main", and then keygen dialog window will display;
2. In this window, shall enter "bob1" as username and then generate license by clicking "Generate" button;
3. Copy this license in any text editor;
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