Sophie Zelmani -《Memory Loves You》[MP3!]

Sophie Zelmani -《Memory Loves You》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Sophie Zelmani -《Memory Loves You》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2007年02月06日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 专辑简介:
    从1995年开始,来自瑞典这个北方国度的甜美清新邻家女孩Sophie Zelmani苏菲珊曼妮,便以生活化、发自内心真诚的诗意词句,简单乾净透澈却能直接触摸隐藏在心灵深处纤纤情感的音乐,而征服了瑞典、欧陆甚至亚洲的广大歌迷。Sophie的音乐之所以能像她的人一样,情感纤细、纯净亲切而动人,那是因为她的歌直接纪录了她的成长心路历程。 她的作品彷佛用音乐来回忆着过去那些在情感正要愈合,然而一旦触碰到还是会带来疼痛的伤口,那沁凉萧瑟绝美的意境,就是这麽让人愈听愈沉醉其中而难以自拔。 有人是这么描述Sophie Zelmani的音乐的:清脆的吉他合弦衬托着温暖甜美的歌声,恰如其分不喧宾夺主的鼓与贝斯,陪衬上彷如远方传来的萨克司风及逐渐贴近的长笛或小提琴悠扬旋律,传递出彷佛在冷飕飕的秋天夜晚漫步走在瑞典已然结霜的路上。
    It all started when Sophie, born in a suburb to Stockholm, was 14. Herstepfather taught her some chords and so she found out she could write songs. “I wrote a song and it felt amazing. I didn’t really think that much about what I was doing, really.” Says Sophie with typically modest.
    She recorded a few songs at a local studio and decided to send the demos to three record companies, with no special expectations. Soon
    Sony Sweden gave her a phone-call and offered her a record deal. By then she never had played in front of an audience. Sophie started to record
    her debut album in 1995. The album is produced and arranged by Lars Halapi, who also plays the guitar on all of the songs. Sophie’s music has
    been compared with such great artist as Neil Young, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. The shimmering acoustic guitar in “Always You” bares the spirit of Neil Young and Van Morrison-like sax riffs underlines the song “A Thousand Times”. “I’ll See You (In Another World)” radiates the feeling of
    Springsteen; the song is about her stated beliefs in destiny, wisdom of life, goodness, dreams, close relationships and love. Sophie’s music also
    has a lot in common with singer/songwriters as Joni Mitchell and Jewel Kilcher.
    It all adds up to something unique in the history of Swedish music and Sophie’s music is liked in many of the world’s different parts. Even many
    Americans have taken hear music to their hearts,something that’s not so strange considering that the singer/songwriter tradition originated in the US. Swedish critics agree on that Sophie’s album is something special. She was awarded a Grammy at the Swedish Grammy awards as best newcomer in 1995, she was also nominated for Best female pop singer. Her album has sold gold both in Sweden and Japan where she is very popular.
    After promoting her album in the US, she finally started to work on her new album in the autumn of 1997. The second album entitled “Precious Burden” came out in 1998 and showed a new side of Sophie Zelmani - her songs were still as simple and convincing but pain colored the music in deep black shades. Top photographer Anton Corbijn shot the cover photos of the album and his dramatic pictures capture the black beauty that had by then become something of a Sophie Zelmani trademark. Since the turbulence of the first album release Sophie Zelmani has started saying
    no to interviews she doesn’t feel like giving and she’ll only go on tour for short periods of time. It just weren’t her thing. She wanted to stay home in Stockholm and she wanted to play music, not talk about her songs or spend her time on the road.
    If the third album “Time To Kill” was the last, painful phase of a drawn-out farewell, “Sing And Dance” is perhaps the musical memory of a -
    emotional or physical - wound. A wound about to heal, still a bit sore. The darkness and the pain are still
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